INTENSIVE STANDARD COURSE:    4 lessons/day: 2 lessons of practical grammar, 2 lessons of conversation, reading, pronunciation, vocabulary, situational contexts (airport, bank, restaurant, etc.)

EXTRA INTENSIVE- STANDARD I:    4 lessons + 1 private lesson/day*

EXTRA INTENSIVE- STANDARD II:    4 lessons + 2 private lessons/day*

LESS INTENSIVE SPANISH COURSE: (Minimum 3 participants): 4 lessons/day: recommended for participants who want to learn at ease and step by step (ideal for the ‘for ever young'). 2 visits per week (short trips). Levels: elemental, intermediate and advanced.

SUPER INTENSIVE COURSE: 4 lessons + 2 lessons in mini-group/day

* The classes of private tuition are scheduled according to the student's demands



GRAMMAR COURSE (Minimum 3 participants): 4 lessons exclusively dedicated to grammar studies and practical exercises. Levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced

COMMERCIAL SPANISH: 4 lessons /day + 1 lesson of Commercial Spanish course (economic terms, letter writing, personal, commercial, curriculum vitae, etc.)

COURSE ON SPANISH LITERATURE I: 4 Intensive standard course lessons per day + 1 lesson per day on Spanish Literature (stylistic devices, general overview on the Spanish literature up to the 19th Century: Middle Ages, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th Century.)

COURSE ON SPANISH LITERATURE II: (20TH CENTURY) 4 Intensive standard course lessons per day + 1 lesson on Spanish Literature (stylistic devices, general vision on 20th Century literature, the crisis of the end of the century, other tendencies of prose, dramatics up to 1939, ‘Novecentismo’, avant-guard movements, literature in the exile and ‘theatre, novel and poetry since 1939’)

COURSE ON HISTORY: 4 Intensive standard course lessons + 1 lesson on Spanish history per day (outlook on the history of Spain as a whole, placing facts in their context, the most relevant events from a political, social and economic and artistic viewpoint.)

COURSE ON CIVILISATION AND CULTURE: 4 Intensive standard course lessons + 1 lesson on Spanish Civilisation and Culture (contextual survey on Spanish culture and history as seen though history, art, literature; development of the skills of comprehension, expression, and compilation, analysis and comparison of data)

SPANISH HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT: 4 lessons per day in the standard course + 1 lesson when you learn to communicate in the interesting ambiente of hospitality management and apply the adequate vocabulary.

COMMERCIAL CORRESPONDENCE COURSE: 4 lessons per day in the standard course + 1 private hour to acquire knowlege and use in commercial documents and writing skills. Advanced level required. Focus on Spain for business.

COURSE FOR THE EXAM OF THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE:  Minimum 3 participants 4 weeks - 4 lessons/ day. Preparation for obtaining the ‘Certificado Básico y Superior de español de los negocios', issued by the Chamber of Commerce in Madrid. Requirements: advanced level for the ‘Certificado Básico' and Superior level for the ‘Certificado Superior'.

D.E.L.E. (MINIMUM 3 PARTICIPANTS): (Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma): Exclusive preparation of the 4 skills at all levels, with material that has been used in the exams and was edited for D.E.L.E.)

PRIVATE TUITION: Time schedule and contents can be chosen by the student

MATERIAL: All didactic material used in class is included in the course fee.

AGE: Our courses admit all ages. Of course, there is no maximum age. The minimum age without adult company is 16 years.



 LEVEL 1 – BEGINNERS (A1)* ELEMETARY (A2)*: For participants with no Spanish notions at all or just a slight idea of Spanish. In this Spanish course, you study the differences between 'ser/estar/hay', the verbs in the present tense, present perfect, and near future. Includes practical exercises on pronunciation, and vocabulary in every-day situations.

LEVEL 2 – INTERMEDIATE I (A2)* INTERMEDIATE II (B2)*: In this Spanish course, we focus on the past tenses and the differences in their use. We introduce the future tense, the conditional, the forms of obligation, and the imperative. Directed conversation and exercises on vocabulary ...

LEVEL 3 – ADVANCED I (B1)* - ADVANDED II (B2)*: We study the present and past subjunctive, the prepositions, and the differences between 'ser' and 'estar'. Conversation exercises, listenings and vocabulary.

LEVEL 4 - ADVANCED III (B2)*: We study the passive voice, indirect speech, subordinate sentences; further on vocabulary and conversation exercises on current topics.

LEVEL 5 AND 6- SUPERIOR I (C1)* SUPERIOR II (C2)*: Comprises details on all grammatical items, literary texts and cultural topics.Conversation on current events and topics, listening, amplification of vocabulary, etc...

*Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR): Learning, Teaching, Assessment



PLACEMENT TEST: On the first course day, or previously online, we set a written placement test with the purpose of finding out the adecuate level for each participant, and thus form homogeneous groups.

CERTIFICATE: All the students who have regularly assisted in class, showing progress and active participation obtain the certificate of participation.

DIPLOMA: Just the students who have successfully finished the complete advanced and superior levels have to write an exam to obtain the school diploma.

D.E.L.E./CERTIFICATES OF THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: We prepare you for the internationally recognised 'Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera' in the initial, basic and superior levels as well as for the certificates of the Chamber of Commerce in the elementary and advanced levels.

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