Malaga, capital of the ‘Costa del Sol’, the second town in size of Andalucía, and one of the most important towns of Spain, with 1.741.000 inhabitants in the entire province, and approximately 800.000 inhabitants living in the capital itself. The overall surface of the province of Malaga is almost 400 square kilometres.

The town of Malaga is located in a privileged natural space. The environmental and geographic conditions have had an obvious impact on the growth and development of the town, above all the maritime influence. The situation of the municipal area on two river beds (Guadalhorce and Guadalmedina), its mountain scenery and climate have also been fundamental. The Mediterranean Sea soaks the shores, and the mountains surround Malaga and thus form a barrier that prevents from cold, and a suave climate is created thanks to the sea that works as a thermic regulator. The warmest months are July and August, the coldest months December and February, with temperatures between 32ºC and 15ºC. The total hours of sunshine per year sum up to 2.830. Rainfalls are strongly limited to certain seasons, with an average of 45 rainy days per year, with the maximum of rainfalls restricted to late autumn and the winter months.

Due to tourism on the ‘Costa del Sol’ in a first place and the new enterprises that have been created, the economic growth of Malaga in the past decades has placed the Province of Malaga on top range of the most dynamic provinces of Andalucía. An outstanding example to be mentioned is the recently constructed Technological Park of Andalucía (Parque Tecnológico) where international enterprises of the latest generation settled down in a landscape that represents a fusion of nature and technology. Malaga is constantly gaining importance within Andalucía and as well on a national scale.

The Province of Malaga has fascinating landscapes, and a marvellous climate which allows you to enjoy the sun on numerous beaches (along 130 kms of coast). The Cervantes Theatre provides for a rich cultural offer that can be complemented with visits to the museums and monuments showing the traces of other cultures: Romans, Arabs, etc... You can make a ‘tapa’ tour, tasting all the flavours that remind you of being in Andalucía, or you sit down and have a coffee on one of the uncountable terraces of the ‘Historic Centre’ of Malaga, or you submerge in the unforgettable ambiente of the night.

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