Accommodations of Instituto Picasso

Most of our accommodations have got Internet Wi-Fi. Ask for availability:

ACCOMMODATION: from Sunday before the course starts until Saturday, 12 o'clock (midday), the day after the last course day.
Our students can choose from among the following lodging types:


Apartments-to-share with other students of the Institute, in either single or double rooms. The apartments use to be within walking distance and have 3 or 4 bed-rooms, a living-room, kitchen and one or two complete bathrooms.

Homestay with a Spanish family.

The Institute selects among the host families who receive our students to make them feel at home, in nice rooms either single-rooms or double-rooms shared with an other room mate, either with half or full board. Thus our students have the opportunity to practise Spanish in Malaga with as well after class.

Mini-apartment for 1 or 2 persons.

This living unit is hard to find in Malaga during the summer months, as they are a not too frequent flat type, and that is why they have to be booked long before. They use to be downtown, their condition is average, their furniture rather plain, as they are headed towards high benefits within a short but top tourist season. These apartments have bed sheets, in most cases tv set but no washing machine.